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Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” for “Das Fest der Liebe”

My beautiful NYCROPHONE followers,
Sorry for taking longer with new posts this month! I am in Germany right now, traveling from city to city in my home country.
I will do my best to send a few more updates before 2012 is done!
Since we call Christmas “Das Fest der Liebe” (The Celebration of Love) over here, I wanted to send a shout out to LOVE and I picked Audra Mae’s cover version of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”.

I’ve discovered this song watching “The Five-Year Engagement” the other day. The song is a little country but I really like it and I hope it’ll do something for some of you too. For the old school lovers amongst you I’ve also added Van Morrison’s raw acoustic version, him singing along with the amazing Bob Dylan. Whatever you are celebrating, I hope you’ll be celebrating with your closest ones in the name of love! Enjoy and please also share YOUR  love for MUSIC with others! 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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