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So much SOUL… Rest In Peace Don Cornelius!

I was born 1978, I am a 70s baby. However, growing up in Germany does not necessarily get you acquainted with the Soul Train from an early age. I believe I came across this show much later, getting more and more involved with music in general, MTV and soul music (also through playing Basketball). So to be quite honest, Don Cornelius was not really a name I was familiar with until recently. Reading up on him and the history of Soul Train made me realize what Don Cornelius and this show stood for though.

As a dedicated soul music lover I could not deny the importance of expressing my love & respect for the musical and cultural movement this man has influenced in a big way. There was no way not to acknowledge Don Cornelius and Soul Train here on NYCROPHONE.

By the way… The closest connection I have with him and his show is the legendary Freedom party in NYC projecting the Soul Train videos on a screen EVERY party! I’ve been introduced to this event by Kevin Powell and Marc Smooth many years ago. The Freedom family (Marc Smoth, Herbert Holler, Cosi, Stone & Savior) has been hosting this party for almost 10 years now and it’s the longest running weekly and Friday night party in New York City. I’ve been a supporter of this party ever since because they are staying true to great quality soulful music and the vibe there is incredible. Check them out folks! The award winning Freedom Party… Every Friday at Le Poisson Rouge! It’s all love…

Here are a couple of my favorite Soul Train videos… A homage to Don Cornelius and also NYCROPHONE’s acknowledgement of Black History Month.

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