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NYCROPHONE’s Valentines Gift To The SINGLES out there!

NYCROPHONE has a little special something for our loyal followers out there today! It’s Valentines Day and no matter if you LOVE or HATE the concept of it – this track right here may make someone you love and/or even yourself feel warm & fuzzy inside.

If you have friends out there who have not yet found their better half, send them a glimpse of hope in form of ACANTHA LANG’s soulful new ballad “EVENTUALLY“, showing off her raspy voice and love for the blues again.

To make Valentine even more special for you, NYCROPHONE is giving away a free download to the first 10 people sending an email to, explaining who they’d like us to send the song to and why! Acantha Lang will then personally write a short greeting to your friend including the FREE download link for “EVENTUALLY”!

If you weren’t fast enough, feel free to still share this video with all your single ladies and gents out there to spread this positive message… Wait, share this Valentines Blues with EVERYBODY, even the taken ones! πŸ™‚

Acantha is telling the lonely hearts amongst us to not worry, because one day love will come to all of us.
“You can’t search for love.. It finds you… – Eventually.”

CLICK HERE to download Acantha Lang’s beautiful love song “EVENTUALLY” on AMAZON.COM.

Also available on iTunes! CLICK HERE!

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