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Get on the “A-Team” with Ed Sheeran!

First of all, THANKS for all the people coming BACK to check on NYCROPHONE, our NEW audience and random by-passers! Your feedback is very much appreciated and please DO share with all your friends…
Now to today’s content. First time I’ve heard about Ed Sheeran was when my gifted singer friend Acantha (CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HER FIRST NYCROPHONE FEATURE) mentioned him. Shortly after I saw Ed’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show singing his debut single “A-Team”.

I was quite impressed with this beautiful song. Unfortunately there was no emb.ed-able version so I had to pick a different performance. So enjoy checking out “A-Team” but also “Kiss Me“, a performance he did for Perez Hilton.
Ed Sheeran has already won numerous awards and puts up incredible numbers. Make sure to visit his website and read up on this young talented singer-songwriter from – where else but – the UK!

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