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Time for some J Boog Reggae Music…

My friend Tiffany aka Butch Diva (fashion designer) told me about J Boog a little while ago, a California born Reggae artist with Samoan roots. I immediately put him on our watch list and felt like today was the perfect day to create a little J Boog music video playlist for you.


From a young age J (Born Jerry Afemata) was fascinated with music, inspired by his sister practicing the piano. He started singing along and learning about music and the power of his voice.


Things have been going well for this talented man. Look up his story and familiarize yourself with his music. Enjoy, share and comment on this list of his tracks we’ve put together with you. Acoustic or studio, J Boog always has a beautiful, rich and smooth sound. It’s the type of Reggae we love at NYCROPHONE, making your soul feel right!

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