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I received a promotional email today, informing me about the Chicago based duo M&O, formerly known as Milo & Otis. Because of my natural curiosity for music I took a minute to check them out and – was instantly impressed by their captivating sound. An interesting R&B/Pop mix with beautiful melodies and vocals, hitting me gently like a nice summer breeze. πŸ™‚ Perfect for a quick feature on this sunny day in NY!


Check out their video “Run” and some of the older tracks we’ve put together in a YouTube Playlist for you. “Run” is the featured single off M&O’s sophomore LP, “ALMOST US”, the official follow-up to the duo’s highly praised debut effort “THE JOY“. The album was self-released on April 3rd.


We’ve attached their Soundcloud set “Almost Us” as well for your convenience. Play it, it’s seriously good… You won’t be disappointed!


To find out more Jamila Woods (Milo) and Owen Hill (Otis), check out their NYCROPHONE Artist Page here!


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