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Qool DJ Marv: Gramaphone on NYCROPHONE – Episode #05

YES! Our favorite turntable wizard Qool DJ Marv has done it again! He delivers a super sweet blend of soulful music, helping you to leave this treacherous winter behind you at ease. He is inviting you on his musical float, drifting towards spring and letting us look forward to the warmth of the sun.


In Marvin’s words: A smooth and lovely stroll on a promenade of deep seeping moods and grooves. Soul searching, love expressions and together we fly kind of vibes.




To DOWNLOAD the mix as a PODCAST, click right HERE!


We are truly lucky that this man decided to provide NYCROPHONE with a blend of beautiful music every so often. Each time he updates himself with what’s happening on our blog, to then develop a theme around us, the way he feels and the vibe of the current season. He gathers 50+ songs, listening through all of them, narrowing it down to what perfectly works in his mind and eventually our ears. This is just to give you a slight idea of the creative process behind this…

I can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate Marvin’s selections. His passion and knowledge in music is priceless, the love and energy he puts into his craft immense.


Enjoy his wicked March 2015 edition! You will not be disappointed. To find out more about Qool DJ Marv, please visit his NYCROPHONE artist and personal page including various of his terrific mixes and podcasts to download!

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Qool DJ Marv: Gramaphone on NYCROPHONE – Episode #05

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