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Qool DJ Marv: Gramaphone on NYCROPHONE – Episode #02

We are truly happy to be releasing the second edition of our exclusive monthly “Qool DJ Marv’s Gramaphone” mix! Holding high expectations Marvin provided us with the first one, he easily exceeded those. What a smooth, soulful and eclectic blend of current and earlier – but nonetheless relevant – sounds, keeping your ears busy and your mind at ease.

I promise, you will become a fan of this soul music wizard named Qool DJ Marv!


To DOWNLOAD the mix as a PODCAST, click right HERE!



NYCROPHONE is extremely proud to announce our first DJ collaboration! We are pleased to welcome soul brother Qool DJ Marv, an extremely experienced, versatile and talented disk jockey from New York City.


Marvin will provide an exclusive monthly mix for NYCROPHONE called “Qool DJ Marv’s Gramaphone”, showcasing his unique skills as a DJ and music connoisseur, honoring the soulful spirit and content of our site.


Enjoy his wicked May 2014 edition! You will not be disappointed. To find out more about Qool DJ Marv, please visit his NYCROPHONE artist and personal page including various of his terrific mixes and podcasts to download!


“Creative is the tone emanating from Qool DJ Marv’s Gramaphone. The shine on the groove reflects the soul of the people’s music. Horn of plenty talent well known, unknown – songs of pretty humanity showing you their how-they-be sides. Featuring old friends and new family.”

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Qool DJ Marv: Gramaphone on NYCROPHONE – Episode #05

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