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Lyle Divinsky – Acoustic Gold Live Recording

Lyle Divinsky easily became one of my favorite soulful artists in the NY scene from the moment I heard him perform. They don’t call him “The Sasquatch of Soul” for nothing! haha! But for real, this guy will make you want to dance and sing along. He is just one of those artists who know how to make you feel good through music, plus he is an entertainer and just a cool dude to be around with.


Check out this amazing 4 track Acoustic Gold set Lyle recorded with us. You will love it! One of his personal favorites to perform is his original “Rich” – which also became my personal favorite of his. Nonetheless, “Disaster” and “Fallin” are great too and his rendition of Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” takes the cake! If you ever get a chance to see this guy in concert, don’t miss out! We’ve had him at one of our Acoustic Gold live shows and everybody just loved his performance! Find out more him through our Artist Page.


Even though Lyle recently moved to Portland, Maine you’ll be able to catch him in New York City every now and then. NYCROPHONE will keep supporting this loveable Sasquatch of Soul and so should you! Support real music! SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT! Thank you!

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