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Greighwolfe – Acoustic Gold Live Recording

Alright now… This guy here… Showing up in NY out of nowhere. Coming to the studio to record some Acoustic Gold. Starring as a surprise guest at our Acoustic Gold live event two days later. Making over half of our audience (basically all females in the room) fall in love with him by singing one song only, “Hurt Me“. His name: Greighwolfe. He is from London, has a bad ass falsetto, dope song writing skills and a smooth look on top of all that.


Thanks to Nikisha Bailey (connected through Jesse Boykins III’s manager Joya) we were able to make all this happen during Greighwolfe’s short stay in New York. Check out these stripped down versions of his originals “I Still” and “Hurt Me” plus his rendition of En Vogue’s classic “Don’t Let Go (Love)” from the Set It Off soundtrack.


Familiarize yourself with this young man’s music… We are certain that this won’t be the last thing you’ve heard and seen of Agent Greighwolfe. Let’s just say this: he is always good for a surprise. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to click HERE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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