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Lina’s ACOUSTIC GOLD Live Recording

We are extremely proud to present the first live recording of our “Acoustic Gold” series – featuring five songs by the phenomenal singer/songwriter Lina. This session includes three of her originals and cover versions of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Ruth Etting’s “Love Me or Leave Me”, all accompanied on the piano by the Brooklyn native Akie Bermiss.


Lina was born in Denver (Colorado), raised in Texas and now resides in Los Angeles. She started singing at the age of four at church and established herself as great singer and songwriter throughout her career. If you’d like to find out more about Lina’s music and her greatest inspirations, make sure to check out her NYCROPHONE Artist Page.


I’ve actually met Lina at Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” tour in Germany a long time ago. We’ve stayed in touch ever since and I quickly became a fan. Stranger on Earth is one of my favorite albums up to date, a unique jazzy mix of 90’s R&B and 30’s swing music.




Here is a fun write up by our dope writer MOCHA CARTER about how our ACOUSTIC GOLD recording session went:


It’s 7:30pm and the studio is bustling.


Everyone is scurrying about, setting up a makeshift Kraft station, lights, cameras and sound.


Technical difficulties.


Tired from working all day but the room is buzzing with excitement and tension. It is in fact the very first, in studio, live acoustic recording session for NYCROPHONE. Incense smoke wafts through the studio as sound check begins.


AKIE BERMISS takes his seat at the shiny black piano and his fingers dance across the keys as LINA runs through her songs. They have never worked together but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by how well they meshed. Finally, it’s time to begin.


I close my eyes and I’m instantly transported into another time as Lina’s sultry, sassy, voice sings, “Come to Mama” and other jazzy tunes. In my mind she is dressed like Billie Holiday and making love to the mic. She performs “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse and her set is over. The studio is abuzz. We take a short break and return as Akie, again, takes his seat at the piano.


He is doing his warm up and the room goes silent. All mouths agape in wonder and amazement. Are these beautiful sounds REALLY coming from the guy who was just making all the jokes? He sang as effortlessly and smoothly as Gregory Porter, while he played the piano. It was only sound check but the studio burst into applause and approval as he sang the last note. We all listening intently as he sang “A song for you”. The hairs standing on our arms as the notes poured through the speakers with impossible fluidity.


His set was over WAY too soon as the next artist tuned her guitar. I was pleasantly surprised when MAY CHEUNG began to sing. I did not expect this much soul to come from this cute, tiny Asian girl. She strummed her guitar and sang and it was the perfect mellow end to an amazing night of recording in the studio.


NYCROPHONE and ishlab studio present the aptly named, “ACOUSTIC GOLD”
If this was any indication of how well this will go, I’m left with pure excitement for the next in studio session. Look for more footage on www, very soon.


– Mocha Carter –

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