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She became inspired to play the piano by ear at 13 upon hearing Alicia Key’s debut album “Songs in A Minor”, learning to play the whole album from front to back. The uncool and unpopular high school student with the big afro and big framed glasses was noticeably geeky. Her studious habits relegated her to AP classes and gleeful musicals for extracurricular activity. An even earlier sign from this unassuming siren destined for the big stage happened as a welcomed distraction back when she was just a third grader.

During her lunch period, an impromptu performance broke out between Felicia
and her home-girl singing the then- platinum selling single “The Boy Is Mine” infamously sung by Monica and Brandy.

The New Jersey native received her vocal coaching from her biggest musical influence -a former cabaret singer, dancer and consummate inspirer -her beloved grandmother.
With a family filled with musicians, music serves as a tradition as well as a practice. Felicia has a fond appreciation for the strength and tone of the vocal abilities of world-renowned singer Barbara Streisand. Her absolute favorite artist “hands down” is Mariah Carey. She especially appreciates the styling and creativity of Lauryn Hill’s artistry and widely relatable writing that has captivated so many from the album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Drawing on many of their varied influences has made her reach within the soulful depths to produce her own brand of reflective musical works. Felicia’s debut EP is a testament to her creativity which is both technically and sensually sound, and this is just the preamble.

She attributes much of her knowledge about the recording process while doing demos for many years at East Side Sound Studio in NYC.

Felicia has an unabashed and uncanny ability to transform a large venue into an intimate setting with her alluring smile and down to earth charm as she performs her sets. She is as sweet as her fondness for cheesecake and is as engaging, like a spirited songbird with her audience. Her well-developed vocal range is wide enough to toggle through pop, hip hop, soul and R&B. When she graduated college and became a licensed professional in a rewarding career, she continued to heed to her calling and began taking large enough steps towards a solo singing career. She relishes every opportunity to step out and take center stage. Her mission, her passion and role is to convey and share the joys and pains of being in and out of love through song, in celebration of the life we have been blessed with. And she is the next up and coming soul seductress, most sin-cerely, Felicia Temple.

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