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Damien Rice is the man!

Damien Rice – one of our all time favorites! We actually started NYCROPHONE in 2011 with one of his most popular tracks, “The Blower’s Daughter”. Back then we only posted one video per featured artist most of the time. Since he deserves more than that, we’ve decided to dedicate another more extensive feature to him, providing a playlist with some of our most cherished songs of his!


Mr. Rice is the perfect example that soulful music is not bound to just one genre. His voice is beautiful and his lyrics are poetic. He is one of those guys that will entertain sold out venues by himself, a one man show – just him and his guitar/piano. Check out this FULL CONCERT as a proof!


One of my personal favorites is “Eskimo“, a track that slowly builds up into a full blown opera like piece, so well composed. I can not count the times I’ve Damien’s album “O” (2002), no skipping and on repeat! If you are into acoustic guitars, piano and strings – you most likely will LOVE Damie Rice (if you don’t already)! He only has two studio recorded albums but those provide SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Still – Damien, it’s time for you to come out with a new album! Please! πŸ™‚


Click here to find out more about Damien on his NYCROPHONE artist page!

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