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Damien Rice – Concert Review, Upcoming Album!

The iconic Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice is back! Finally back with a new album (as previously requested HERE!) and back on tour, introducing Favorite Faded Fantasy, announced for November 11th. In the meanwhile you can listen to his recently released single “I Don’t Want To Change You“, a beautifully arranged song which will have you anticipate his LP release even more. Check out the new video in our playlist.


NYCROPHONE was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Damien’s New York and Brooklyn shows which were sold out within minutes. I arrived at Warsaw in Williamsburg 20 minutes before show start, trying to figure out a good spot to snap a few pictures. I had a photo pass but the problem was that there was no pit in front of the stage where you’d have the space and proximity to take great close ups. I guess Mr. Rice likes to be real close to his fans! So I had to rely on some of the really nice & passionate fans to sneak all the way to the front, promising to go back after I got my shots.


IMG_6528While waiting for one of my all time favorite artists to take the stage I was talking to some of these fans and found out that most of them there were not even from New York or Brooklyn but from cities all over the US who traveled all the way to witness one of Damien Rice’s rare appearances. Who knows, he may take close to another decade to perform in NY again.





A good 25 minutes late Damien finally came on stage, accompanied by frantic applause. With no introduction he started his show with one of his new tracks, “The Greatest Bastard,” followed by one of the fan’s favorites (well, all of his songs are my favorites…) “Volcano” where he let the audience accompany him in a canon like exercise he tends to do when performing this particular song.


IMG_6542After playing the oldie “9 Crimes” on the piano, a new song called “My Favorite Faded Fantasy” back on the guitar, one of my absolute favorites “Older Chests,” he brought his buddy Glen Hansard on stage to perform a few songs with him, including their rendition of the classic “Hallelujah“. Glen Hansard is also someone you should definitely give a listen. Amazing voice, great artist. You may remember him from the movie “Once“!



I won’t recite the complete playlist but HERE is a link where you can actually check out all the songs he performed. I do want to talk about a few things though that makes this man’s music and performance so special…


First of all, I love the fact that he is one of those artists who doesn’t need much at all to captivate a giant crowd. Dim light, two spot lights left and right, him, his guitar and a grand piano. He is what I consider a TRUE ARTIST. He loves/lives/breathes music. He has a charismatic appearance and is actually quite funny. He mentioned on stage that people always think he must be a sad depressed man according to his music and lyrics. His music penetrates your soul and you catch yourself just standing there getting lost in it. There were fans who actually got mad at other people singing along because they really just wanted to hear Damien’s voice and nobody else’s.



IMG_6563Personally I think it’s a phenomenon that this man released his last album in November 2006, sporadically performed here and there, hasn’t really released anything new till this year but still creates an unbelievable hype around his tour, sells out within minutes and leaves fans in awe after two encores. The people I talked to were just as passionate about his music as I am and it seems like he can’t do no wrong. I guess time will tell if his new album can match his previous releases O and 9 but even if not – luckily I won’t get tired to listen to his old stuff again and again – ever.


One last thing I’d like to mention, I have to admit I do miss his singing partner every now and then, Lisa Hannigan. They complimented each other perfectly. This struck me at the concert. All good things come to an end though… Thanks for your attention. Now make sure to share, like, comment and enjoy some of Damien Rice’s music! Don’t forget to purchase his new album in November!


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