NYCROPHONE started as a New York-based music blog in 2008 and since then has grown into a complete soulful music experience. In addition to the music blog we have started recordings, concerts, and more to create a full experience of sound, film, and events.

At first, we blogged about music we love and wanted to spread the word of these emerging artists. Many of these artists are from the New York soul music scene but many are also musicians from around the world and across all genres. From our first post about Damien Rice, we have expanded to multi-video weekly posts then extensive monthly playlists.

Monthly playlists began shortly after the blog launched, quickly becoming the most popular section. The weekly posts introduce each artist with bit of their biography and how we discovered their music. Then with the monthly playlists the artists of the month are compiled into a seamless listening experience. Our next step though, was even bigger.

In the 2013 redesign, we moved from a typical blog with a stream of posts to a focused music discovery website. After laying out the posts in a grid on top of the WordPress structure, we built in sorting with the awesome Isotope plugin. For more about the technical setup of NYCROPHONE look at our tech blog here.

This new design helps music fans filter through our constantly expanding library of Soul, R&B, Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Rap, Spoken Word, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Dubstep. We curate soulful sound, regardless of genre and our new filtering, sorting, and searching options have made a big impact. Listeners can now sort through weekly posts, monthly playlists, free music, such as DJ sets, and now Acoustic Gold sessions.

We’ve been changing, evaluating, and growing-this year is no different. In early 2014 we started acoustic recording sessions, bringing our favorite artists into the studio with a stripped down sound focusing on each artist’s latest work. Acoustic Gold was born with our first lineup, Lina Loi, Akie Bermiss, and May Cheung. Right from the start, with 1000’s of views and likes, we introduced emerging artists to new audiences. We’ve recorded 20 artists so far and are on track to have over 24 original Acoustic Gold recordings by the end of this year and have begun planning our 2015 calendar. Acoustic Gold is taking off and building on this new platform, we are blogging on how we setup, record, produce, and promote these sessions. Check here for the blog that also includes insightful day to day updates from concert tips and news, to hot songs and videos and other related soulful content.

With the success of the Acoustic Gold studio sessions we have opportunity to bring new fans to our artists and a new style event for our audience. Our first event was a tremendous success. In quick engaging sets at the cozy Rockwood Music Hall our sold out audience enjoyed three great artists, Jessica Betts, Our Wild America, and Jennah Bell. Read some of our guest’s reviews! Sign up for our email list here to be updated on our upcoming concerts and stay on track with additional content.

These events, the developments on our site, the monthly Acoustic Gold recordings are each succeeding in our original goal of helping our fans find new music, and help artists build a new and dedicated audience.Support our movement by sharing our content, commenting and liking. Also feel free to check out NYCROPHONE merchandise in our new shop.




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