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Parker Brown is a Superhero! A NYCROPHONE Up&Rising…

– My approach to music is organic. I’m drawn to music that ministers to my spirit. – PB

It is so wonderful to see people you’ve been around for quite some time doing well, thriving to even bigger & better things. My friend Parker Brown just pre-released a taste of her newest work The Love Ecology. Two of those tracks – the more upbeat “Superhero” and beautiful ballad “Under the Sun” – I instantly fell in love with and I had to share through NYCROPHONE. The world needs to hear Parker’s soulful works! Be one of the first!

I asked Miss Brown about my favorites and this is what she exclusively shared with us:
I wrote Under the Sun about six months after a relationship I was in ended. It was an easy song to write because, at the time, I was living it. I was remembering a love that was good, but at the same time learning to except that it wasn’t meant to last.
Superhero is a fun song about triumph and self-empowerment. It’s about taking responsibility for your life and changing it from the inside out. It was written at a time when I most needed to hear it. And now it’s my everyday. Everyday I try to be my own hero.

For more background info on Parker Brown please add her Facebook page and download her music through her Bandcamp page. Support independent artists!

Enjoy, share, like and subscribe… Thank you!

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