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I WANT TO GIVE YOU SOME LOVE… – by of course featuring Bob Marley today, February 6th!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man himself, honoring his legacy again this year.

He is undoubtedly in the top 15 of most covered artists and I’d highly recommend to do a search on YouTube sometime to admire some amazing versions of Bob’s songs – AND his originals of course!

My first pick for today’s post is a terrific cover of “Is This Love” by Bilal – another super talented artist.

My second choice is the feature with Lauryn Hill – “Turn Your Lights Down Low” – which became an instant classic…

The third video posted is a 12″ MIX version of Bob Marley’s “Jammin“… Dope track! Close your eyes for a second and pay respect to Bob Marley’s music – still spreading L O V E in this world.

Read up on Bob Marley HERE.


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