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I am not sure why I am JUST NOW discovering the blue eyed soul of this smooth soul singer from Denmark… But I am very glad I did. Nanna.B’s sound has a very Badu-ish feel to it, so if you like Erykah, I think you will love Nanna.B too!

Read her bio and you will soon realize that there is much more to Nanna.B than a simple Erykah Badu imitation. The Scandinavian songwriter stands her own, calls her style “experimental soul“. If you are open for an experiment – you are in for a treat!


I am surprised Nanna.B has not gained a lot more recognition yet but I hope she’ll find way more people to appreciate her music! If you agree, please SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT! Thanks!

Enjoy the following tunes from her album VITAPHONE!


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