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F**k All Those Perfect People! Love It Or Hate It…

Like I wrote before: NYCROPHONE LOVES DIFFERENT! And different this song is…
Fuck All The Perfect People” from Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians.

I’ve had this on my list for a long time now and I couldn’t help but post it…
It’s more of a statement than a song and you can’t take the lyrics too seriously.
Also, I’ve always been amazed by musician’s ability to swear on tracks in a really nice way!
I admit it’s a little country but I dig his voice and the fact that the video has been shot in NYC with a bunch of character faces… The homeless guy really looks very familiar, I could swear I see him around the city occasionally.

To sleep or not to sleep,
to creep or not to creep,
some can’t remember what others recall…



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