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Just a quick message from NYCROPHONE, wishing all of our supporters and followers a PROSPEROUS 2013!

I picked “Soul” by The Floacist aka Natalie Stewart because it represents 2012 to me and future years to come…
, stay true to what you do, what you love, what you represent, what you believe in. Do not sell your soul because others expect something else from you. Live with passion, ambition and a positive attitude and stay away from any sort of negativity!

NYCROPHONE is about representing soulful music, music that I personally love. I never post tracks to do any favors, I only post about music that I personally love and feel like writing about. It’s personal and won’t satisfy everybody’s taste or expectation but at least it stands for something that some of you can appreciate!

Thanks again for the continuous support and love! I look forward to keep NYCROPHONE going in 2013 for THE LOVE OF MUSIC! INSPIRE & BE INSPIRED and DO NOT SELL YOUR SOUL!




Check out some more of The Floacist’s work and make sure to buy her music!


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