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▲WE SINK – Producer Duo From Greece. Get “MAROONED”

NYCROPHONE wouldn’t be NYCROPHONE if it wasn’t challenging and pushing your ear drums! 

Our new post is another exhibition into the world of electronic, yet soulful music. I have to give some credit to “TAMMYSZU” for posting special music on YouTube. Check out her SOUNDCLOUD page too!

It’s essential to turn this one UP to enjoy the FULL sound and bother your neighbors! Agreed? Thanks!

The people responsible for this garage-leaning sound are ▲WE SINK, an electronic music producer duo from Athens, Greece.

The first track “Inside” is featuring another producer, Andrea from France.
▲WE SINK’s EP “Marooned” came out beginning of this month. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THEIR MUSIC


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