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Tricky Throwback For You Trip Hop Heads

Tricky’s “Hell Is Round the Corner” was one of my first “Single CD’s”, back when that was a thing. I’ve always loved this song for its dark mood, Tricky’s voice and melody in general.


Recently I discovered “Nothing Matters” which is featuring the dope German-Nigerian soul singer Nneka. So I decided to create a little playlist with my favorite songs from Tricky’s albums Maxinquaye (1995) and False Idols (2013).


We hope you can appreciate our picks. Make sure to look into the work of this diverse artist, he’s created quite a bit of music over the years, representing many different moods and styles.


“I can be anything I want when I do an album,” Tricky says. “I could be a woman, I could be a man. It’s great to be able to be all these different things.”

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