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Glen Hansard – Concert Review & Current Album

This is a long overdue post on Glen Hansard’s recent concert at New York’s super beautiful Beacon Theatre and his current album “Didn’t He Ramble“.


I won’t bore you with endless details of the concert, however, I do want to give you an impression of what some of you may have missed and encourage you to venture out in the upcoming year to experience artists that you may not be as familiar with. I promise it’ll expand your musical universe and provide you with some additional feel-good moments!


IMG_5447I missed Glen’s performance at the Brooklyn’s King Theatre November 30th but thanks to his awesome team I was granted a seat at the next days’s sold out show at the Beacon Theatre. It was a rainy night and I arrived at the venue just on time to take my seat, dead center just 4 rows from the stage – perfect position to witness what turned out to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.



Glen Hansard is not just another singer/songwriter. He is an extraordinary story teller, fantastic guitar player, a charming performer who demands your attention from beginning to end. While he is one of those guys who can easily entertain a large crowd by himself, I also have to tell you about his on point band including a string and horn section. They were JAMMING.


IMG_5480The show lasted twenty-two songs, mainly off his current album Didn’t He Ramble, including some of my general favorites like “McCormack’s Wall“, “Falling Slowly” and “Bird of Sorry“.  Glen would switch through his repertoire of guitars, playing a different kind almost each song. Two of his guitars are so banged up that they reveal additional large holes in the front, luckily not affecting the sound at all! This was truly a special show, Glen singing his Irish heart out, ripping through guitar strings (literally), joking with the audience, playing the piano for one song, letting his band shine, making it a memorable night for everyone present. It was Rock, it was Soul, it was Irish Folklore – no matter what you’re into, this live performance would have moved you regardless.


Enjoy the full YouTube playlist of his current album and check out a few cell phone snippets I recorded at the concert. I strongly encourage you to not only check out his recent work but also his older albums – and go see him live if you get the chance to!



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