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Gallant’s Ology stronger than Frank Ocean & Usher

Yes I said it! Gallant > Usher & Frank Ocean! In my ears Gallant’s debut album Ology is everything I would have loved to hear from R&B/Pop stars like Usher and Frank Ocean, who just came out with their new albums as well.


CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE PLAYLIST! We’re trying to fix the glitch that has the embedded YouTube playlist only showing 5 tracks. The playlist actually contains 19 tracks!


Gallant is giving me the style of R&B I’ve been missing. Every single song on Ology is a winner to me while I can only find few tracks on Usher’s Hard II Love and Frank Ocean’s Blonde that I really dig. No doubt, Usher’s single “Crash” is dope, especially the out of the ordinary live performance he did on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Frank Ocean’s album is okay but after listening to it a couple of times none of his songs really captured me. Too much of the usual, too generic, too much of the electronic snare drum you can find in too many songs these days.


It was different with Gallant’s album… I saw his performance of “Weight in Gold” on Jimmy Fallon, which led me to listen to his full album. Which led me to listen to it again… And again, and again, again… Not skipping a track but definitely putting quite a few on repeat! Gallant’s falsetto is flawless but his regular singing voice is also beautiful, his lyrics are solid and the album is generally just very well written and composed. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this amazing debut. I mean besides the production – this guy can SING!


My absolute favorite on this album is probably “Bourbon“, a super smooth and catchy down-tempo jam, containing some really dope lyrics. I wish I had the right words to describe every single song of the album to you but it’s too hard for me to do so. All I can say is that I seriously like every single track, each one of them has a different feel, something special. Listen for yourself! Make sure to play it on some nice headphones/speakers! I truly love his sound!


Also, if singer/musicians like Seal and Jack Garrat collaborate with you – you know you’re doing something right. Make sure to check out the work they did together. I added it to the end of the playlist! Awesome stuff, especially his cover of Janet’s “I Get So Lonely” with Jack! Let us know what you think and feel free to share your favorite tracks of “Ology” but also of Usher’s and Frank Ocean’s new albums! Thank you!

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