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A Janelle Monáe BEST OF

We believe Janelle Monáe does not need further introduction… But for those who missed the memo, here is a quick summary:

5’0 feet tall package of musical dynamite & soulfulness, fashion icon extravaganza. There you go! 😉


NYCROPHONE recently witnessed Janelle’s (always) energetic and outstanding performance at the Celebrate Brooklyn free season-opening concert in Prospect Park. Our writer Danielle Roberson put together a nice little summary of the evening for you and we also created a BEST OF playlist (1 hour and 20 minutes long!) after asking some NYCROPHONE followers for their favorites, including my personal fav “You Are My Everything“. Enjoy!





JennaSalvagin_016As “Suite IV Electric Overture” was playing in the background via the band, Janelle Monáe was rolled out onto the Bandshell stage in a white straitjacket on the opening night of Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Kicking off her headlining set with “Give Em What They Love” from her most recent album The Electric Lady, Janelle sang both her and Prince’s verses giving the audience just that- what they love.



Keeping the energy up with “Dance Apocalyptic” followed by “Sincerely, Jane” from her debut EP Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) and other The Electric Lady tracks (“Q.U.E.E.N.”, “Electric Lady”, “Ghetto Woman”), Janelle then got the crowd further amped with a Jackson 5 medley that included their hits “I Want You Back” and “ABC“; this included her successfully doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and his other classic moves with the group. The crowd participated not missing a beat with arms flaring back and forth to the music and strangers dancing amongst each other at times even with each other.


JennaSalvagin_020After performing two hits, “Cold War” and “Tightrope” from her first studio album The ArchAndroid, Janelle Monáe left the stage for a quick outfit change and to literally let her hair down, shocking many in the audience as we are used to her ever so popular pompadour hairstyles. She let loose as she belted out the love song “Primetime” sans Miguel and without hesitation picked the energy back up with a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy“. The hair whipping performance sent the crowd in a frenzy as she went on to perform an extended version of “Come Alive (The War of the Roses)” from The ArchAndroid. This energetic performance had Janelle call up an audience member for an impromptu dance battle. The young lady who was invited to the challenge danced her way onto the stage matching Janelle’s energy from both their random dance moves to classic old school hip-hop moves.


JennaSalvagin_021Janelle Monáe properly ended the show with the song “What an Experience(The Electric Lady), which was the perfect way to describe this fun, energetic, vocally powered show put on by the electric lady herself.






Her voice lit up Brooklyn on the early evening, sending New Yorkers home wanting more and still dancing along with the positive vibes bestowed unto them through the music.


By Danielle Roberson

Photos by Jenna Salvagin

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