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The Boston Boys – ACOUSTIC GOLD Live Recording

Put together a Mandolin, Drums, a Fiddle and a Bass (sometimes upright) and what you get are The Boston Boys! Well, only if the musician’s/singer’s name are Eric, Nicholas, Duncan and Josh of course! A dynamic quartet, writing and performing lyrically inspiring songs, full of energy and with a touch of Bluegrass and Country.


It was great having The Boston Boys in our studio, taping yet another Acoustic Gold live session but very different from what the sounds we’ve had so far.
You could tell that these guys are all full blood musicians, dedicated to their craft, perfect with their harmonies. First they performed their original “Wrong Bone,” followed by another one called “Between You and Me,” finishing off with a cover of “The Shape I’m In” by one of their favorite bands – The Band!


By the way, The Boston Boys are NOT from Boston. Surprise. To find out some other facts about them, make sure to visit their NYCROPHONE Artist Page right here. Support their talent by purchasing their music and LIKING and SHARING this feature. Much appreciated!

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