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Ju-Taun – Acoustic Gold Live Recording

It’s funny the way things work out sometime… I’ve met Samantha from VH-1 at an event for Honey Larochelle last year. We kept in touch and at some point she introduced me to a band from New Jersey, a group that apparently used to do R&B but does things differently now – Ju-Taun!


Needless to say I ended up liking their music and we invited them to do an NYCROPHONE session with us soon after our initial contact. Fast forward, these super friendly, high energy and multi talented guys arrived at the studio, ready to create a some Acoustic Gold, recording their originals “Come Closer“, “Who Am I” and “By The River“.


Towards the end of a super fun session our next recording artist arrived at the studio – the phenomenal Wayna. Since we like pushing artists to their limits we suggested for Ju-Taun and Wayna to collaborate on a song together, on the fly, right there and then. They checked out each others music and agreed to spontaneously jam together. The outcome couldn’t be better… Wayna jumped in for Ju-Taun’s cover of “Strong” by London Grammar. Sensational. After that Wayna said “And now I want you guys to do one of MY songs…”! Which song and how amazingly it worked out you will be able to see in our next release!


Jake Evans on vocals & tambourine, James (Jamie) Evans on vocals & acoustic guitar, Samoeun Cheng on Vocals, Stephen Honsberger on piano & vocals, Carter Fox on upright bass and Butch Serianni on drums – an exciting band, living and breathing music. These guys are truly fun to work with and we can’t wait to collaborate again in the future. Please take a minute to learn more about Ju-Taun on our NYCROPHONE Artist Page, download their music and share with a friend. Support quality music!

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