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  • worthy #1The band's first tour was in the Middle East and Africa.
  • worthy #2We played a memorable show in Saudi Arabia at an amusement park... One minute after riding a roller coaster. The last band to play there had their hair cut off by the religious police.
  • worthy #3Two members have performed with Herbie Hancock.
  • worthy #4When touring in Colombia, the band woke up to a call to jam that night with Antonio Banderas (In Bogota promoting his cologne "Cocktail Seduction"), and pop star Carlos Vives. We played that night at Carlos' club in Bogota, though neither star made an appearance. A shame really since we had the theme from Desperado ready to go!

The Boston Boys are not from Boston. Though they take their name from a traditional fiddle tune, every other convention shatters below the weight of an original sound.

A culmination of radically different musical backgrounds ranging from California Soul to New York Bluegrass, The Boston Boys master a supercharged Americana style they describe as “Future Roots.” They forge their music on tour throughout the world, inspiring prolific songwriting that reaches across borders and genres alike.

Whether your soundtrack is their studio recordings or you join them in concert, The Boston Boys radiate creative energy. An inventive combination of virtuosic musicianship, sharp-witted lyrics and danceable melodies, this bone-shaking fusion of American music is soulful and reverent for 1950 and 2050, respectively.

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