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  • worthy #1At the age of 7, I sang my 1st solo in the church choir. I was so short, the pastor had to stand me on a step stool up in the pulpit so people could see me. He said, "Who is this little lady with this big 'ole voice?"
  • worthy #2In HS (BSFA), me and my home-girl use to battle Tupac Shakur in the stairwell next to the cafeteria. We called ourselves "Cotton and Candy" lol. He use to let us go first, then would just hit us with this monster rhyme... just obliterate us, laugh, give us hugs and kisses, and walk away. Everyday we would try...
  • worthy #3Back in the day, during my Baltimore days, I won $1,500 at a dance contest... I danced off of Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Baby I Like It Raw"... Damn... Thanks ODB :)
  • worthy #4I did the ultimate thing... I went skydiving with 3 of my friends. Once in the air, there was no other way down but to jump. Yes, I jumped out of a plane at 15000 feet in the air. I landed with both legs still intact... in fact, I did a happy dance, then asked myself 'are you crazy'?

Keyontia “Ki Ki” Hawkins, originally from Baltimore, Maryland attended The Baltimore School for the Arts where she expanded vocally from gospel, R&B, jazz, rock, into classical. This classically trained prodigy further continued her education at The Juilliard School of Music.


Ki Ki then began her performing career by touring with notable artists such as Amel Larrieux; Kelis; Angelique Kidjo; Nona Hendryx; Patti LaBelle; The Legendary Group LaBelle, and 2009 Grammy Nominated Artist Maiysha. As an established writer, Ki Ki has written and performed lead and backing vocals on dance singles, “You Don’t Tell Me Anymore,” “Get Up,” “Thank You,” “Keep It Movin,” and “Give You What You Need,” for Wakko Records with singles released in the UK, and the US. She has been invited to lend her vocal abilities to many studio sessions, including Raheem DeVaughn’s “Love Experience” album, featured vocalist on Q-Tip’s 2007 single “Work it Out” and 2009 “Kamaal the Abstract,” and background vocalist for LaBelle’s 2008 Back to Now CD.


The definition of “Ki Ki”:
A brand new sound of alternative rock, funk, infused into one, adding a unique blend of soulful sounds enriched with breathtaking warm yet powerful vocals.


Photo by Katie Piper

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