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  • worthy #1I drink milk religiously.
  • worthy #2My favorite place to go is the zoo, so often I start off my day by grabbing a coffee and then going for a walk in the zoo.
  • worthy #3My nickname is Lady Sunshine
  • worthy #4When I was a kid I was hopelessly addicted to Xena Warrior Princess...

Ddendyl is an American Blues Singer/Songwriter from Castile (NY), currently residing in Washington DC. Ddendyl expressed her affinity for music at an early age studying the violin, oboe, and teaching herself (!) to play the piano. As Ddendyl puts it, “being musical is in my DNA.”


During her adolescent years, supportive parents helped her hone her skills in both piano and voice, but it was her classical vocal training that truly exposed her real promise. During her teen years, Ddendyl studied at the illustrious Interlochen Arts Academy. While there, she gained the respect of her fellow students and teachers alike as she expanded her range and continued developing her signature “sultry” style.


Ddendyl has performed in NYC, Philly, and the DC area sharing her original compositions along with her versions of both contemporary covers and classic standards. As a song stylist, Ddendyl has been described as ‐ delightful, delectable, and delicious as well as possibly having the most unique voice in the industry right now. Her sultry styles are said to captivate. Ddendyl is most known as a Season 6 contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.”

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