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  • worthy #1Alec was born with dark hair. He uses Loreal #47 hair dye and swears by a three-tiered dyeing process. First the bleach (Clorox), then coat #1. Wait for 47min. Drink a coffee. Eat a muffin. Then coat #2. Fire!
  • worthy #2Alec writes all his songs on yellow legal pads with a fountain pen left to him by his grandfather. His grandfather was given the pen in WWII when he was the speech writer for his Colonel. As he was stationed with the Colonel in the Aleutian Islands, the speeches he wrote were heard by a fortunate few. Alec hopes the speeches he writes with the pen will be heard by a few more fortunates.
  • worthy #3Alec received his first guitar for his 15th birthday. Everything fell away after that. He spent months mastering the C chord and barre chords. He is still working on it. All he wanted to do was play Bob Dylan's songs, but his teachers and parents also wanted him to solve mathematical equations. They wouldn't believe him when he told them it was the same thing.
  • worthy #4When he was a senior in high school a blues club opened in his small Pennsylvanian town. Alec knocked shyly on the door of the Blues and asked politely if there was a job he could do... anything so he could come inside and see the national acts who would stop off on their way between bigger cities. The Blues said, "Yes. You can wash these dishes, young man." And so Alec washed dishes for the Blues and was happy for a little while.

Alec Gross is an NYC-based singer-songwriter who performs his dark & heavy brand of original folk, alt. country, & soul throughout the US and Europe. This “Cinematic Americana” sound frames his stories of madness, love, sickness, redemption, the planting and the harvest.

His latest releases are:
‘Old Elijah & The Sorry Sorry Sun’ EP – October 2012
‘Strip The Lanterns’ LP – August 2011
‘Rose Tattoo’ EP – March 2009

He is also the songwriter and front man for the band, Our Wild America, who just released their debut album of the same name on vinyl: OWA peforms a thick and heavy brand of folk, rock, and soul that perfectly captures the ‘Cinematic Americana’ sound.

In 2011, Alec joined fellow songwriters Will Knox (London, UK) and Jake Hill (Plymouth, MA) to form the label and collective, Handsome Lady Records ( It all began when the trio acquired a 1972 TEAC reel-to-reel tape machine, a microphone, and some tape. They started recording on this minimal set-up, and have stuck to this aesthetic ever since. The label now features many Handsome songwriters & artists, all in the name of collaboration, cross-promotion & community.

Alec is also responsible for writing (and sometimes singing) a few commercial jingles that have likely gotten lodged in your head somewhere and forced you to buy things you probably don’t really need…

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